Austa’s Learning Support

Austa’s Magnificence House has a range of study guides and materials available to all students regardless of your chosen course. These packs include Makeup kits and makeup materials. You’ll have a tutor who will review your course work. You’ll receive audio files from your tutor telling you what you are doing well and where you can improve. You’ll also have phone, email and live chat access to our Student Support Team whenever you have questions.

Through Austa’s website: you can access a range of online, interactive learning support products, including review questions, exam hints and feedback on answers to help you prepare for the exam and avoid common exam pitfalls.

Quality assurance with Austa’s Training

Welcome to a New Dimension of Beauty World

In Austa’s Magnificence House (Austa’s Place) we are passionate about providing premium, professional Service, taking pride in being detail orientated, dedicated and distinctively creative.

Our training program is designed to inspire and provoke radical transformation,  to produce a mental shift through basic principles.  The courses are practical, motivating and insightful. We aim to increase your personal efficiency, equip you to set up purpose-driven, excellence-oriented organisations, develop your unique entrepreneurship skills and attain success in every area of your life.

You are guaranteed the latest techniques and the highest quality products used for sustainability, longevity and the Flawless results achievable.

You are welcome