Personal Makeup Course

Personal Makeup is designed for individuals who wish to express their own individuality. This short course teaches you basic makeup elements, including makeup products, and essential face art techniques to adequately apply the learned skills by yourself. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to apply various makeup styles by yourself and look dashing for any occasion. Create your own look, define your individuality.


  • Introduction of makeup,
  • Makeup Tools and its uses
  • Apply safe working practices /Sanitation
  • Eyebrow; shaping and drawing skills, filling and definitions
  • Application of eye shadow
  • Application of eyeliner
  • Application of mascara
  • Usage of false eyelashes
  • Application of foundation; colours selection and application techniques
  • Application of concealer
  • Application of blusher
  • Application of bronzer
  • Application of lip liner, lip stick and lip gloss
  • Design and application of makeup
  • Application of Contour and highlights
  • Applying different types of makeup looks e.g No makeup look, Natural Makeup Look, smoky eyes look etc.
  • Gele Tying